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Here is the Year 1 Curriculum information, here you will be kept up-to-date with all the current teaching going on in Year 1 in each term. If you have any queries please contact the class teacher.


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Autumn 1

RE Science Topic

Year 1 blog

Trip to Ledston Estate

Year 1 went on their first class trip to Ledston Estate in Leeds. We started in the classroom where we learnt about different trees and what they produce, including GIANT pine cones! 

We then took a walk around the estate and through the woods where we hunted for different materials such as feathers, stones, pine cones and leaves. 

We then took a look at some shelters that had been built and got a chance to build our own for forest animals such as foxes and hedgehogs. 

We all had a fabulous day and it was great to look around and see all the signs of Autumn. 

Topic morning

This morning we spent time with Jeffrey Andrews, we discussed our favourite toys and looked at a number of old toys.

We then moved in a carousel to each table looking at a range of toys and grouping them in different ways including: material, size, age and weight.


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Year 1 Letters

Morcambe trip letter