We learn French from Year 3 to Year 6 at Christ Church(Pellon), in line with National Curriculum requirements, fulfilling the statutory commitment to give every child between the ages of 7 and 11 the opportunity to learn a new language.

Children in Key stage 2 develop their understanding of French through speaking, listening, songs, games, role-play and written activities. We teach using a range of approaches designed to develop language understanding in a fun and motivational way. We aim to make language learning fun and promote positive associations with the countries and cultures where French is spoken.

Below are some links to help you practice French at home with your child.

Mamalisa - poetry, songs and links from around the world including many other languages as well as French.

BBC - Primary French games and activities.

Primary Resources - French - has a lot of written activities to help your child to learn and memorise important vocabulary.

French-games is a free website for beginners learning French, both young and old. It has games and quick tests to make learning fun.

The Government KS2 Languages Programme of Study can be found online.


Year 4 have been ordering the days of the week in French.

Year 3's French Christmas cards.

Year 3 making Tour d'Eiffel out of marshmallows.

Year 5 playing an animal guessing game.