Behaviour Systems


The staff at Christ Church (Pellon) CE (VC) Primary School believe that good discipline within school promotes a secure, calm and purposeful environment for learning. Children's education benefits from a clearly structured, consistent and fair approach to disruptive and unacceptable behaviour.
We aim to build an atmosphere of mutual respect and co-operation between all staff, parents, governors and children, thereby ensuring good learning.
We believe that self-esteem affects all thinking and behaviour and impacts on learning and performance. We aim to provide positive everyday experiences so that our children are more likely to reach their full potential


Please click here to see out Behaviour Policy.


Here is the Behaviour Statement from the School Governors.


Below is our Behaviour Rocket that we use in school. There are four different levels of behaviour shown on the rocket, namely green, yellow, orange and red. Children aim to remain on green and receive dojos as rewards for good behaviour for learning. Dojos are linked to the green behaviours. When children demonstrate behaviours of the different levels, their name will be moved on to that level and consequences are given.Once they have carried out the consequence for that behaviour, the child will return to green. One cream warning will be given before a child is moved on to yellow.


If you wish to discuss anything regarding our behaviour system please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team or class teacher.