Awesome Earth


Awesome Earth is a club that meets every Tuesday after school for one hour, in the annexe bungalow and gardens. This club has been running for two terms now and it is open to all KS2 children.  We get involved in a lot of different art & craft activities, alongside cooking and gardening projects.


We harvested the lavender growing in the school beds and made lavender biscuits using a basic Shrewbury Biscuit recipe – delicious!

Spring bulbs

We planted tulip, narcissi, dwarf iris and grape hyacinth bulbs way back in Autumn 2 and have been admiring the resulting displays in the garden beds and in the planters outside the school kitchen from Spring 2 onwards.

In the autumn term we also planted hyacinth bulbs in pots for the children to grow at home and we have seen some great photos of the results.


We cooked Eve’s Pudding using apples picked from our very own orchard. It’s delicious and easy, so the recipe is attached for those keen to try this again at home.

We cooked pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, making our own batter and carefully frying the pancakes before drenching them in freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice and sugar and wolfing them down.

Mother’s Day

We made 3D flowers and filled them with our very own handmade chocolate truffles as a Mother’s Day treat.

Environmental Art

In Autumn 2 we painted with inks and crayons using the wax-resist method to create an autumn collage using leaves gathered from the school grounds.

In Spring 1 we made beautiful stained glass windows using black card and cellophane.

In Spring 2 we made our very own Andy Goldworthy-inspired land art using dandelions. We also did a spot of cloud-gazing.

Feeding the birds

In Autumn 2 we created pinecone birdfeeders to hang on the trees in our school garden.

In Spring 1 we made a Valentine’s Day gift for the birds using cardboard tubes, peanut butter and seeds.


In Spring 2 we planted radish and carrot seeds in the vegetable beds and mixed flower seeds in the flower beds. We also learnt how to chit our own potatoes in egg boxes, growing eight special varieties.